The NSDAA is a professional association that seeks to further the Dental Assisting profession and the interests of licensed Dental Assistants in Nova Scotia. Members of the association are encouraged to provide support to each other, promote peer-to-peer learning and to network for employment and other opportunities in industry. Membership to the NSDAA is part of the Provincial Dental Board’s licensing requirements.

The Provincial Dental Board is the licensing body for Dentists and Dental Assistants. It determines the guidelines for the practice of dentistry in NS and has the mandate to protect the public’s interests in matters related to the delivery of dental care.

The Canadian Dental Assistants’ Association (CDAA) is the national voice for dental assistants, supporting its Organizational Members by placing itself at the forefront of issues such as labour mobility, occupational analysis and workplace health and safety. CDAA’s mission is to provide national leadership for dental assisting profession furthering the interests of its Organizational Members and advocating from a dental assisting perspective on oral health issues. CDAA helps to advance the profession and advocate for Dental Assistants through core values of advocacy and policy influence, knowledge and research, and capacity building for member organizations.

By virtue of their provincial association being an Organizational Member of CDAA, NSDAA members can access group discounts on a variety of services, including Malpractice Insurance. Visit CDAA Members for more information.

To access the members only area, type your username and password into this members area . If you do not have a password, contact the NSDAA to obtain one. [email protected]

Dentists and Dental Assistants are registered and licensed with the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia (PDBNS). Information on the requirements for licensing can be found at http://pdbns.ca/home. The process depends on where you graduated from and your current professional status. Up-to-date membership to the NSDAA is one of the Provincial Dental Board’s licensing requirements.

The NSDAA has an annual membership fee of $95.00 which is required in the office by November 30th of each year. Membership fees not received by November 30th from renewing members will result in a late fee charge of 50% of dues for the year.

The PDBNS requires an annual license fee of $235.00 paid to their office by April 30th. Other requirements for yearly licensing can be found at http://pdbns.ca/home

All fees discussed above are non-refundable.

Annual continuing education (CE) in the field of dental healthcare is a requirement of the PDB for licensing in Nova Scotia. Information on the process and categories of CE can be found at http://pdbns.ca/licensees/mandatory-continuing-dental-education/mandatory-continuing-dental-education-guidelines

Updates to your personal information can be made by accessing the members area link. This will allow you to update your information with the NSDAA. To update your information with the licensing body, contact the PDBNS http://pdbns.ca/contact

It is important to ensure your information is current with both bodies as part of your annual licensing requirements.

The Nova Scotia Dental Association (NSDA) is the professional body representing dentists. https://nsdental.org/ .The NSDA has published an Infection Control and Prevention Guidelines manual that discusses the transmission of infection, and how to prevent and control it in a dental setting. The document can ne reviewed at https://nsdental.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/ClinicalResource-20181204-NSDA-InfectionPreventionControl.pdf

As part of their mandate to protect the public, the PDBNS publishes information pertaining to ICAP on their website http://pdbns.ca/home

The scope of practice for dental assistants in Nova Scotia is determined by the licensing body, the PDBNS. Information can be found on their website under the “Regulations for Dental Assistants” http://pdbns.ca/about/regulation/dental-assistants Specific questions on the skills permitted to be preformed by a Dental Assistant should be directed to the PDBNS.

It is recommended that all oral health care practitioners should be covered by their own malpractice insurance policy. The Canadian Dental Assistants’ Association offers malpractice or professional liability insurance to eligible dental assistants since 1998.  As one of the CDAA Organizational Members, dental assistants belonging to the NSDAA can apply for CDAA Malpractice Insurance, which is in effect from February 1st to January 31st and can be renewed on an annual basis.

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