The official source of information for the Nova Scotia Dental Assistants’ Association

Welcome to the Nova Scotia Dental Assistants Association (NSDAA) website. Established in the 1970’s the NSDAA is comprised of more than 800 members which include clinical, administrative, product sales and other dental assistants. Licensed Dental Assistants, working with other dental professionals, are a vital part of the oral health care team. Licensing of Dentists and Dental Assistants is governed by the Provincial Dental Board (PDBNS). Membership to the NSDAA is included in the Provincial Dental Board’s conditions for licensure as a Dental Assistant in Nova Scotia.

Dental Assisting- a regulated healthcare occupation

A dental assistant licensed with the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia must complete formal training, successfully challenge a national examination, and maintain currency in their field by completing mandatory continuing education throughout their careers. These requirements reflect the important role the dental assistant has in maintaining recommended infection control protocols and assisting with the provision of safe dental care for the patient.